Public install at MPI-IPP (ASDEX)

The supported server for executing OMFIT at IPP is the tok cluster, which use UNIX modules to administer software.

To start OMFIT versions:

#the omfit module contains OMFIT and GACODE
> module load omfit

#start omfit (unstable branch)
> omfit


New users might want to take a look at the Run section.

Cluster nodes

Larger programs and codes are not supposed to run on the login nodes tok01-tok08. For this purpose the interactive nodes toki01-toki08 are available, and for users with particularly large memory needs tokb01-tokb04. It is recommended to run OMFIT on the interactive nodes.


The OMFIT public installation resides under /afs/.ipp/tok/soft/omfit/atom/OMFIT-source.

Unix module files are located under /afs/.ipp/amd64_sles15/modules.addon.2019/TOK/omfit and released overnight into /afs/ipp/amd64_sles15/modules.addon.2019/TOK/omfit where they become visible to all users.

Virtual Desktop with ThinLinc

MPI-IPP uses ThinLinc to connect to the server or ThinLinc connection from outside MPI-IPP requires setting up a VPN connection first.


Use the Cisco AnyConnect client to connect to the server.


In case of problems please contact Orso Meneghini, Teobaldo Luda, Giovanni Tardini or Clemente Angioni.