Public install at NERSC

At NERSC there is a public installation of OMFIT available on Cori as part of the AToM project. OMFIT can be executed by running the following script (which will take care of setting the right execution environment):

/global/cfs/cdirs/atom/bin/omfit      # unstable branch


New users might want to take a look at the Run section.


Users must be part of the atom unix user group to access the NERSC public installation.

To request a NERSC account go to and use AToM for the repository name.

  • Contact Orso Meneghini to get added.

Multi-Factor Authentication

The first time you try to connect to one of the NERSC clusters with OMFIT you should be asked to enter the password and MFA secret token.

To setup you MFA for the first time, follow the instructions to setup your Multi-Factor Authentication at NERSC. Then copy the SECRET key to the OTP secret field in the OMFIT GUI


OMFIT will use your private key to encrypt the password and the MFA secret token in the ~/.OMFIT/credentials folder.

Running NoMachine on NERSC

It is highly recommended to run OMFIT on NERSC using No-Machine, since this will make interactivity of the GUIs and plots more responsive than using X via SSH.

You can connect to NERSC NX via web browser or by following the tutorial on the NERSC website.

Note that using the NERSC version of the NX executable may be required to have the NX connection working correctly.


In case of problems please contact Orso Meneghini.