Public install at IGI-CNR (RFX)


OMFIT is available on the new rat RHEL7 cluster at RFX.


Three branches are available for execution. In order of decreasing stability and increasing update frequency:

  • master, updated after thorough framework and graphical regression tests, every couple of months;

  • daily, updated after framework non-graphical regression tests, every day;

  • unstable, updated after framework regression tests as commits are pushed to GitHub, every 20 minutes.


Unless you know what to expect and what you want, please stay away from unstable!


The necessary modulefiles should already be available into each user’s environment. To verify it, execute:

                         ( ~ )
[username@rat2]$ module avail
--------------------- /common/omfit/modules ----------------------
miniconda/2.7.14      omfit/master(default)
omfit/daily           omfit/unstable

Each version of the omfit module will load as dependencies:

  • the intel module, already available system-wide, and

  • the miniconda module, specifically built to support OMFIT execution.


The miniconda environment can be loaded independently.

To prepare for the execution of OMFIT, just load any version of the omfit module:

                         ( ~ )
[username@rat2]$ module load omfit
                         ( ~ )
[username@rat2]$ module list
Currently Loaded Modulefiles:
  1) intel/pe-xe-2017   3) omfit/master
  2) miniconda/2.7.14

In case of module conflicts, just type module purge before loading the omfit module.


To execute OMFIT just type the omfit command, which is an alias to the main Python script:

[username@rat2]$ alias omfit
alias omfit='/common/omfit/master/omfit/'

In cases where the omfit alias is not available, e.g. scripts, OMFIT can be executed through:

python3 $OMFIT_ROOT/omfit/


New users might want to take a look at the Run section.


Unless the user specifies different settings, OMFIT will:

  • load itself from /common/omfit/[BRANCH],

  • save projects in /common/omfit/data/$USER/projects,

  • save modules in /common/omfit/data/$USER/modules,

  • autosave projects in /scratch/$USER/OMFIT_projects_autosave.


While each /tmp folder is separate for each server in the cluster, /scratch is shared.


In case of problems please contact Leonardo Pigatto or Orso Meneghini.