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Short Description

NUBEAM 3D neutral beam density in a box from TRANSP (beam-in-box)


Neutral Beam, Neutral Density

Long Description

The BOXN0 OMFIT module is a post-processor for TRANSP ACFILE ouptut using NBSBOX in the namelist. After the TRANSP ACFILEs are fetched, the user can extract a netCDF file via the ntcc executable boxn0. This netCDF file contains the 3D box and neutral densities (beam, species) selected by the user. Post-processing provides visualization of the neutral density and far-field optics beam paramters fit by an ideal diverging gaussian beam.

Typical workflows

  1. Run TRANSP with NUBEAM and ACFILE output

    • Fetch TRANSP run

    • Open BOXN0 GUI and point the GUI to the ACFILE (<runid>.DATA<#>)

    • Run boxn0 to extract netCDF file

    • Plot neutral density

Supported devices

  • DIII-D, NSTX, C-Mod, JET

Relevant publications

  • Alexei Pankin, Douglas McCune, Robert Andre, Glenn Bateman, Arnold Kritz ; Comp. Phys. Comm, 159 (2004)

  • S S Medley, D Liu, M V Gorelenkova, W W Heidbrink and L Stagner; Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion 58 (2016) 025007


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