Contacts: Orso Meneghini, Alan Turnbull, Leonardo Pigatto, Brendan Lyons

Short Description

Run the CHEASE equilibrium code


equilibrium, fixed-boundary, Grad Shafranov

Long Description

The CHEASE code (Cubic Hermite Element Axisymmetric Static Equilibrium) solves the Grad-Shafranov equation for toroidal MHD equilibria using a Hermite bicubic finite element discretization with pressure, current profiles and plasma boundaries specified by analytical forms or sets of experimental data points. Moreover, CHEASE allows the automatic generation of pressure profiles marginally stable to ballooning modes or with a prescribed fraction of bootstrap current. The code provides equilibrium quantities for several stability and global wave propagation codes. CHEASE uses COCOS=2 internally, but has the ability to match to any COCOS index.

Typical workflows

This module is used to:

  • run chease starting from a CHEASE input file EXPEQ input file

  • generate series of CHEASE equilibria with smoothed x point

  • translate between different equilibrium formats: ‘MARS’,’ERATO’,’LION’,’NOVA-W & PEST’,’PENN’,’XTOR’,’EFIT’

Supported devices

  • Device independent


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814 Edoardo Tomasina
486 Brendan Lyons
248 Orso Meneghini
197 Fusion Bot
186 Anthony Piras
116 Leonardo Pigatto
 50 Joseph McClenaghan
 33 Tim Slendebroek
 17 Alan Turnbull
  7 Nikolas Logan
  2 Oak Nelson


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