Contacts: Brian Grierson, Oak Nelson

Short Description

Radial electric field from DIII-D CER system in the pedestal region. Runs the er code on iris


Er, charge-exchange, pedestal

Long Description

The DIII-D edge CER system with both tangential and veritical views possesses enough information to construct the plasma radial electric field witout any other diagnostic systems (besides EFIT). An IDL procedure has been used on DIII-D to produce high resolution radial electric fields for pedestal studies for many years, but not typically available to novice users. This module provides a simple python interface to the most commonly used features of this code.

Typical workflows

  1. Select settings

    • Shot and time range

    • Typically set a CER chord name for the timebase (i.e. ‘t09’)

    • Choose which systems for interpolation, pressure and density fits

  2. Run er code

  3. Filter ELMs (optional)

    • Select filterscope and ELM phase

    • Apply ELM filter

  4. Plot and fit Er profile

    • Fit with double modified hyperbolic tangent (Double MTANH)

    • Fit with knotted spline (GA spl_mod)


Relevant publications

  • Burrell, et. al., Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion 46 (2004) A165-A178


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