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Short Description

Viewing fast-ion distribution function produced by NUBEAM through TRANSP


fast-ions, energetic particles, distribution function, NUBEAM, ACFILE

Long Description

When running NUBEAM inside of TRANSP, the user can specify the output of the fast-ion distribution function. Upon completion of the TRANSP run, an ASCII compressed file (ACFILE) is produced that contains additional information beyond the standard TRANSP ouptuts, and will include the fast-ion distribution function. This ACFILE is read by the command-line code get_fbm, which converts the ACFILE to a netCDF file. The netCDF file is read into OMFIT for plotting at the user specified (R,Z) coordinates. This functionality has been used extensively by the energetic particles community on the world tokamaks.

Typical workflows

  1. Run TRANSP and select ACFILE output for the fast-ion distribution function

    • Setup TRANSP

    • Select ACFILE > FBM output

    • Run TRANSP

  2. Fetch TRANSP run

  3. Run FBM

    • Select ACFILE on disk

    • Run get_fbm

    • Plot results

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