Contacts: Shaun Haskey

Short Description

Run the FIDASIM code



Long Description

This module prepares the input, runs, and postprocesses the output of the FIDASIM code. It was originally written to perform the atomic physics corrections for the main ion charge exchange system on DIII-D (see publications) but can also be used for other general purpose runs on FIDASIM.

Typical workflows

This module is used to:

  • Calculate the corrections to the main ion CER data

Relevant publications

      1. Heidbrink et al. A code that simulates fast-ion Da and neutral particle measurements, Communications in Computational Physics 2011

      1. Haskey et al. Deuterium charge exchange recombination spectroscopy from the top of the pedestal to the scrape off layer in H-mode plasmas, Journal of Instrumentation 2017

      1. Haskey et al. Active spectroscopy measurements of the deuterium temperature, rotation, and density from the core to scrape off layer on the DIII-D tokamak (invited), Review of Scientific Instruments 2018


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