Contacts: Nikolas Logan, Caoxiang Zhu

Short Description

Flexible Optimized Coils Using Space-curves: 3D stellarator and tokamak coil design code


Coil Design, Stellarator coils, EFC coils

Long Description

This module interfaces with FOCUS, a fully 3D coil design optimization code available on portal (PPPL).

FOCUS uses fourier harmonics to optimize a generalized three-dimensional representation of the coil geometry, without requiring a predefined winding surface.

Coil geometry and current is varied to satisfy multiple objective functions, including the normal field and toroidal flux. Derivatives are constructed analytically, allowing fast optimization using a number of techniques that can be chosen depending on the characteristics of the nonlinear space. Additional physics/engineering constraints are also considered (including coil length, coil separation, etc.).

Typical workflows

This module is used to:

  • Set the plasma boundary and target harmonics (supports direct interface with GPEC outputs)

  • Initialize a wide variety of coils (can load true geometries from GPEC, or interactively edit)

  • Edit a controlling namelist for focus, and submit runs to the portal cluster (supports parameter scans)

  • Visualize the output with pre-packaged plotting and post-processing

Supported devices

  • Essentially any device with a defined plasma boundary

Relevant publications

    1. Zhu, S.R. Hudson, Y. Song, and Y. Wan, Nuclear Fusion 58, 16008 (2018).

    1. Zhu, S.R. Hudson, S.A. Lazerson, Y. Song, and Y. Wan, Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion (2018).


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