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Short Description

Run the FUSE framework


Framework, FPP, design

Long Description

This module uses a REST API to run FUSE simulations via FUSE’s web portal. Users’ authentication is needed to use this module.

  • Data is stored in the dd data structure, which is based on the ITER IMAS onthology

  • Physics and engineering actors are the fundamental building blocks of FUSE simulations and all they operate exclusively on dd

  • Actors functionality is controlled via act parameters (YAML format)

  • The dd data structure can be initialized starting from 0D ini parameters (YAML format)

  • Simulation workflow is defined in the flw parameters (YAML format)

  • FUSE comes with a series of template use cases for different machines

Typical workflows

This module prepares the input, runs, and fetches the output of the FUSE code run via FUSE’s web portal. The module is purposely bare bone, with the idea that it can be used as the “engine” for other modules that make use of it.

There are essentially two ways to run the simulations:

  1. from 0D parameters. In this case the inputs are ini, act and flw. flw must call - init first, since this step will generate an initial dd for actors to operate on

  2. from an existing dd (ods in OMFIT’s lingo). In this case the inputs are dd, act and flw. flw should not call - init, and ini can be missing (or it will be ignored anyways)

Supported devices

  • Device agnostic

Relevant publications

    1. Meneghini, T. Slendebroek, B.C. Lyons, K. McLaughlin, J. McClenaghan, L. Stagner, J. Harvey, T.F. Neiser, A. Ghiozzi, G. Dose, J. Guterl, A. Zalzali, T. Cote, N. Shi, D. Weisberg, S.P. Smith, B.A. Grierson, A next generation framework for integrated design of fusion pilot plants, IAEA Fusion Energy Conference (2023)


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