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Short Description

DIII-D fast camera divertor diagnostic analysis


Diagnostic, divertor, camera, visible

Long Description

The module plots time traces of the filtered visible light intensity measured by the 90deg UCSD fast camera. Using the QV2 image splitter. It grabs the 4 images from each frame, applies convertion sequence to each of them and stores the data from the four channels.

The data are mapped onto the S-coordinate (distance from the inner midplane measured along the oploidal wall outline).

Typical workflows

  1. In the INPUTS section set: * shot - shot number (only shots from Todd’s day should be used) * vmax - maximum color bar value, adjust to improve sensitivity or avoid saturation during ELMs * angle_shift - shift in deg. of the poloidal slice (4 deg wide) with respect to the 75 deg toroidal angle which is the center of the image. E.g. angle_shift = 15, then the S-cordinate mapping is done for the cross section at 75+15 = 90 deg.

  2. Run Plot_Scoord_trace_2 to collect data from the fast camera

  3. To replot a just-closed figure without wasting time for reading the camera data again.


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