Contacts: Myungwon Lee

Short Description

A module for the Python code package ‘fluctana’, which provides an easy access and analysis toolbox for various tokamak fluctuation data


ECEI, MIR, BES, diagnostic, fluctuation, turbulence

Long Description

The module provides a GUI for utilizing the fluctana library, which is applicable for general purpose fluctuation analysis from various diagnostics. (ECEI, MIR, BES…)

To use the fluctana module, one has to clone the repository and add it to the python path. The fluctana codes are available via the Github repository https://github.com/minjunJchoi/fluctana

The description of spectral methods implemented in fluctana https://github.com/minjunJchoi/fluctana/blob/master/docs/minjun_spectral_analysis.pdf

Typical workflows

  1. Select experimental data and settings

    • Select channels using an interactive plot

    • Check the spectrum of the channels to select the time range to analyze

    • Set basic parameters (time window, calculation mode, etc.)

    • Change settings for the filter

  2. Run analysis

    • Correlation

    • Linear spectra analysis

    • Non-linear spectra analysis

    • Statistical analysis


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