Contacts: Alan Turnbull, Orso Meneghini, Sterling Smith, Joseph McClenaghan

Short Description

Run the GATO ideal MHD stability code


MHD, stability, ideal, low n

Long Description

GATO computes the linear ideal MHD stability in axisymmetric geometry using the Galerkin procedure to reduce the variational formulation to a matrix eigenvalue problem where the eigenvalue is the square of the mode frequency and the eigenm ode represents the plasma fluid displacement. The Galerkin expansion is in terms of finite hybrid elements (FHE) in the poloidal plane and a Fourier expansion in the toroidal direction. The code can treat any axisymmetric toroidal geometry. It has been applied to the design and analysis of tokamaks, spherical tori, spheromaks, and reversed field pinches.

Typical workflows

This module is used to:

  • GUI allows convenient editing of default GATO parameters:

    • Selection of ‘realistic wall’, ‘conformal wall’, ‘no wall’

    • Radial/poloidal grid resolution

    • Mode numbers

    • Compressibility

    • Test packing of flux surfaces before running full simulation

  • Parallel execution of different wall distances, mode numbers and resolutions

  • Perform stability calculations at different equilibrium Beta

  • Automatically execute GATO postprocessing and convert PS output to PDF for visualization

Supported devices

  • Device independent


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