Contacts: Theresa Wilks, Olivier Izacard, Maxime Umansky

Short Description

generate 2D open field lines grid


2D, mesh, grid, SOL

Long Description

GRIDGEN is designed to support multiple open field lines grid generator programs for various codes. It currently supports HYPNOTOAD which generates a grid for use with the BOUT++ module, and GINGRED which generates the ‘gridue’ grids for UEDGE.

Typical workflows

This module is used to generate open field lines mesh grid files.

GINGRED scripts support full parallelization for the construction of grids from multiple magnetic equilibrium (geqdsk files) as input. GINGRED is contained in the IDL sav file ‘gingrd.idl.sav’ where all functions and proceedures are accessibles. The code has been executed on Cori/Edison (NERSC), iris (GA) and portal (PPPL).

Supported devices

  • Device independent


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