Contacts: Samuli Saarelma

Short Description

Run the HELENA closed-boundary equilibrium code


Equilibrium, Grad-Shafranov, closed-boundary

Long Description

This module prepares the input, runs, and postprocesses the output of the HELENA code. The inputs can be: 1. Original HELENA input file. 2. EQDSK file + Pfile 3. GATO output file (from TOQ)

The scripts prepare the HELENA input file and then run it. If wanted HELENA is iterated so that the pressure matches with the original equilibrium. HELENA produces a skeleton EQDSK file which is filled into a proper format by a script. The flux surfaces of that EQDSK file outside the last closed flux surface do not correspond to the equilibrium and are there only so that the flux surface contour routines do not fail.

Typical workflows

This module is used to:

  • translate the output of the EFIT module to the ELITE module (or possibly

MISHKA in the future) through the HELENA equilibrium code.

Supported devices

  • Device independent.

Technical info

Set the root[‘SETTINGS’][‘DEPENDENCIES’][‘bnd_shape’] to point to another gEQDSK file if you want to produce the HELENA equilibrium with profiles and scalar parameters from one gEQDSK and the plasma shape from another. This can also be done in the GUI.


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