Contacts: Kathreen Thome, Genevieve DeGrandchamp

Short Description

Data analysis of DIII-D ICE data


ICE, energetic particles, CAE, whistler, fast ions, runaway electrons

Long Description

This module fetches, processes, and allows visualization of the DIII-D Ion Cyclotron Emission (ICE) magnetics diagnostic.

Please cite the publication below if using ICE in your workflow. Your recognition of the work that went into this is much appreciated.

Typical workflows

  • Fetch raw data and perform fft

  • Make spectrogram

  • Do timeslices or frequency slices

  • Determine radii of emission

Relevant publications

  • `K. E. Thome (HTPD 2018) Radio Frequency Measurements of Energetic Particle Modes using the Ion Cyclotron Emission Diagnostic on the DIII-D


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