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Short Description

Run the IMAS HCD workflow


IMAS, heating, current drive, ITER, ECHR, ICRH, NBI

Long Description

This module provides an interface to the IMAS Heating and Current Drive (HCD) Python workflow developed at ITER.

The HCD workflow can run different actors for: * ECRH (GENRAY, GRAY) * ICRH (CYRANO, LION, PION, TOMCAT) * NBI (BBNBI, NEMO) and evaluate the interaction of these heating schemes with different Fokker Plank solvers * Fokker Plank ICRH (StixReDist) * Fokker Plank NBI (ASCOT, RISK, SPOT)

Typical workflows

The IMAShcd module in OMFIT: * Initializes the HCD repository and copies the actors python scripts and XML files in the OMFIT tree * Allows customization of the workflow (actors selection) and customization of the actors input parameters * Can graphically visualize workflow * Execute workflow remotely on the ITER HPC cluster * Allows fetching of the workflow input IDSs and output IDSs

Supported devices

  • Device independent


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