Contacts: David Pace, Kathreen Thome

Short Description

Run the Ion Orbiter for limiter heating analysis


Ion Orbiter, Limiter Heating, Boris

Long Description

This module is intended for fast between-shot identification of limiter heating sources. The idea is that after a shot that exhibits limiter heating, personnel in the control room will be able to run this module and quickly determine which neutral beams are depositing on which limiters so that they can decide how to proceed.

The Ion Orbiter code simulates particle trajectories and determines their hit locations on the tokamak wall. The input files include the magnetic equilibrium, which is extracted from EFIT, the birth profile (initial positions and velocities of ions), and the .stl file specifying the wall of the tokamak. The equilibrium file and birth profiles are generated by this module and the wall file is always the same file for DIII-D. The birth profiles in this module are always for the particles produced by the neutral beams.

Typical workflows

This module is used to:

  • Identify limiter heating sources

    *Generate Ion Orb input files for each neutral beam source *Run Ion Orb simulations for each birth profile *Estimate Power Depositions *Post-processing/visualization options

Technical info

Under the IonOrb tab of the GUI, there are options for running Ion orbiter with GPU and on multiple nodes. If the GPUs have no jobs running, running on the GPUs in parallel (2 nodes) is likely the fastest. If they are currently running long jobs, it is usually fastest to run single node with the CPU.


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