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Short Description

KN1D is a 1D-space, 2D-velocity kinetic transport code for molecular and atomic hydrogen isotopes


Neutral transport, kinetic modeling, 1D geometry, midplane neutrals, fueling, SOL and pedestal modeling

Long Description

The KN1D code is written mostly in IDL, with some functionality in Fortran. It was developed by B. LaBombard around the year 2000. Given radial kinetic profiles, a D2 pressure measurement at the wall and some information about the plasma/machine geometry, it computes radial profiles of molecular and neutral H/D populations.

This module runs KN1D, providing a convenient interface to EFIT via g- and a-eqdsk files fetched via MDS+, and provides several postprocessing features, such as the calculation of radial profiles of excited states of atomic neutral H/D. It also offers convenient plotting routines to compare predictions of often diagnosed neutral emission (Ly- and H/D-alpha) using atomic rates from multiple sources.

Typical workflows

The KN1D module may be used as a quick way to get predictions of neutral profiles, both in the ground and excited states. The model is mostly applicable at the midplane. The module may be coupled to other OMFIT modules that require predictions of neutral profiles for integrated modeling.

Supported devices

C-Mod and DIII-D. Much of the data structures are device agnostic.



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