Contacts: David Eldon, Cameron Samuell

Short Description

Gather, map, filter, and plot Langmuir Probe results


Langmuir Probes, Boundary

Long Description

This module gathers analyzed Langmuir probe diagnostic results from MDSplus, organizes them in a tree, and provides some basic analysis and plotting tools.These include mapping to normalized poloidal flux and filtering based on ELM cycle. Results gathered and processed by this module will be available to other modules in the boundary toolbox or other modules more generally. Note that this module applies only to fixed-in-tile probes, not reciprocating or movable probe systems.

Typical workflows

  • Gather, map, and filter Langmuir probe data

  • Identify active probes and plot their locations

External resources

DIII-D Diagnostic webpage for fixed langmuir probes:


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