Contacts: Brendan Lyons, Orso Meneghini, Nate Ferraro, Sterling Smith

Short Description

Workflow that allows for automated running of M3D-C1


MHD, Stability, Plasma Response, Equilibrium, Linear

Long Description

  • GUI for:
    • Starting calculations from new equilibrium files
      • Selecting new equilibrium files

      • Extending profile data beyond separatrix

    • Restarting calculations from an existing OMFIT M3D-C1 directory

    • Loading and modifying C1input namelist

    • Selecting linear calulations to perform
      • Equilibrium, stability, and 3D response

      • Arbitrary toroidal mode number

      • Single- or two-fluid

    • Post-process results
      • Select result directories (remote directories synced locally)

      • Accepts Python and IDL commands

  • Automated running:
    • Maps input equilibrium to M3D-C1 uniform mesh

    • Computes equilibrium on uniform mesh

    • Creates shape, n_e, T_e, and T_i plots to check for good equilibrium match

    • Adapts mesh to equilibrium

    • Runs selected calculations

Supported devices


Relevant publications

  • S.C. Jardin, N. Ferraro, J. Breslau, and J. Chen, Comput. Sci. Discovery 5, 014002 (2012).

  • N.M. Ferraro, S.C. Jardin, L.L. Lao, M.S. Shephard, and F. Zhang, Phys. Plasmas 23, 056114 (2016).


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