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This OMFIT module runs the standalone MMM transport model


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Long Description

This module prepares the input, runs, and postprocesses the output of the MMM code. MMM is a theory-based transport model which has been used to predict temperature, density and toroidal rotation profiles for tokamak plasmas. The model includes an improved Weiland model for the ITG, TEM, and MHD modes, the Horton model for short wavelength ETG model and a new model for the drift resistive inertial ballooning modes (DRIBM). The ETG transport threshold in the Horton model is refined by using threshold obtained from toroidal gyrokinetic ETG turbulence. These components of transport models provide contributions to transport in the different regions of plasma discharge. The standalone MMM model utilizes the IMAS interface to experimental data. The equilibrium and profile data are expected to be stored in a local IMAS database in the equilibrium and core_profile IDSs in the local database with the MDSplus backend.

Typical workflows

This module is used to:

  • compute the diffusivities, growth rates and frequences for different minor radii of ITG, TEM, MTMs and DRIBM modes for a single time slice

  • read the output and translate its to the OMFIT fields

  • generate figures of diffusivities, frequencies and growth rates for the components of MMM

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Relevant publications

    1. Rafiq, A.H. Kritz, J. Weiland, A.Y. Pankin, L. Luo, Physics basis of Multi-Mode anomalous transport module, Phys. Plasmas 20 (2013) 032506.


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