Contacts: Valerie Izzo

Short Description

Run the NIMROD MHD code


MHD, Stability, Plasma Response, Equilibrium, Linear

Long Description

NIMROD solves the extended magnetohydrodynamic equations using:

  • Spectral finite element discretization in two dimensions

  • Finite Fourier series in the third dimension

  • Semi-implicit and implicit temporal discretization for the range of temporal scales found in fusion experiments

  • Simulation particles for kinetic effects from a minority species of energetic ions

  • Integro-differential methods for kinetic effects from free-streaming

Typical workflows

This NIMROD module is used to:

  • Load input files defined by user or from existing NIMROD regression cases

  • Modify input files

  • Preprocess, plot, and sanity-check input files

  • Run NIMROD serially, in parallel, or as a batch job

  • Retrieve outputs (usually excluding dump files)

  • Store/Restore simulations on HPC systems

  • Postprocess outputs

  • Compare different simulations

Supported devices

  • Device independent

Technical info

Best way to begin is the run the nimrod GUI, which has built into it the GUI for the preprocessor nimset

The nimset GUI allows you to load a nimrod regession test case as template for your run.

To do this and execute nimrod you need to setup the server and installation directory on the server.

The Store/Restore Tab allows you to move results between the ‘active run’ (everything under FILES) and the STORED_RUNS directory.


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   2 Sterling Smith
   1 Gregorio L. Trevisan


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