Contacts: Nikolas Logan, Shaun Haskey, Brian Grierson, David Eldon, Orso Meneghini, Sterling Smith, Kathreen Thome, Devon Battaglia, Lukas Kripner, Stuart Henderson, Francesco Sciortino, Myungwon Lee, Oak Nelson, Darin Ernst

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Advanced fitting of kinetic profiles


Profiles, fitting, experiment

Long Description

OMFITprofiles has been used to develop a consistent tool for interfacing with, mapping, visualizing, and fitting tokamak profile measurements. OMFITprofiles is used to integrate the many diverse diagnostics on multiple tokamak devices into a regular data structure, consistently applying spatial and temporal treatments to each channel of data. Tokamak data are fundamentally time dependent and are treated so from the start, with front-loaded and logic-based manipulations such as filtering based on the identification of edge-localized modes (ELMs) that commonly scatter data. Fitting is general in its approach, and tailorable in its application in order to address physics constraints and handle the multiple spatial and temporal scales involved. Although community standard one-dimensional fitting is supported, including scale length–fitting and fitting polynomial-exponential blends to capture the H-mode pedestal, OMFITprofiles includes two-dimensional (2-D) fitting using bivariate splines or radial basis functions. These 2-D fits produce regular evolutions in time, removing jitter that has historically been smoothed ad hoc in transport applications. Profiles interface directly with a wide variety of models within the OMFIT framework, providing the inputs for TRANSP, kinetic-EFIT 2-D equilibrium, and GPEC three-dimensional equilibrium calculations. The OMFITprofiles tool’s rapid and comprehensive analysis of dynamic plasma profiles thus provides the critical link between raw tokamak data and simulations necessary for physics understanding.

Please cite the publications below if using OMFITprofiles in your workflow. Your recognition of the work that went into this is much appreciated.

Typical workflows

  • Raw data collection (the only machine dependent step)

  • Data selection by channel, subsystem, diagnostic as well as time conditions such as ELMs

  • Advanced data binning and averaging

  • Generic mapping of R-Z data to equilibrium quantities

  • Generic profiles fitting (1D radial or 2D radial + time)

  • Calculation of derived quantities

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 198 Theresa Wilks
 172 Laurent Jung
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 108 Devon Battaglia
 106 Teobaldo Luda di Cordemiglia
 102 Kathreen Thome
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  54 Jorge Morales
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  39 Darin Ernst
  28 Brendan Lyons
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  16 Lang Cui
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