Contacts: Sterling Smith

Short Description

Local/remote execution and plotting of Tom Osborne’s tools for fitting profiles


experimental analysis, pedestal, kinetic EFIT

Long Description

This OMFIT module runs Tom Osborne’s PyPed tools. These tools are completely documented elsewhere.

Typical Workflow

  1. Run Tom’s tools by spawning on the remote server * Interface with Osborne’s relational database * Retrieval of existing runs * GUI allows: * Run from scratch/reload of profiles * Start fit by copying parameters from existing fit * Convenient filtering of fitting parameters

  2. Plot results through OMFIT by using the OMFITosborneProfile classes

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196 Sterling Smith
150 Orso Meneghini
102 Brian Grierson
 57 Fusion Bot
 33 Galina Avdeeva
  1 David Eldon


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