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Short Description

Interactive kinetic profiles fitting tool


Profiles, fitting, experiment

Long Description

QUICKFIT was developed as a fast and robust tool for the fitting of all measured timepoints within a discharge at once with minimal necessary input from a user (profile loading, fitting and storing can be done just by 3 mouse click). Fitting routine is based on a method similar to Gaussian processes, just the radial, and temporal correlation length is specified by a user. Interactive GUI allows fast data visualization, detailed inspection and swift identification and removal of corrupted measurements, timeslices or channels.

GUI can be used for fitting of basic kinetics profiles from CER, TS, ECE, and reflectometer diagnostic as well as few derived quantities like Zeff, Te/Ti or Mach number. Fitted profiles with uncertainty estimate are stored in OMFITtree, providing input for other modules within the OMFIT framework like kineticsEFITtime, TRANSP, STRAHL, ONETWO, and EFITtime.

Typical workflows

  • Select equalibrium used for mapping

  • Select fitted quantity

  • Load data

  • Fit data

  • Remove corrupted measurements, optimise radial/temporal resolution, fit again

  • Store fits in OMFITtree


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