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Short Description

Run the REGCOIL (regularized NESCOIL) code


Stellarator, coils, 3D, optimization

Long Description

This module prepares the input, runs, and postprocesses the output of the REGCOIL code. REGCOIL is used to obtain coil shapes on a fixed coil-winding surface enclosing a specified plasma surface that one would like to reproduce. This is often used in the context of stellarator coil design. The current density on a specified winding surface is chosen to minimize a linear combination of the integral-squared normal magnetic field on the plasma surface and the integral-squared current density on the winding surface. The balance between minimization of coil complexity and normal field error is controlled by the regularization parameter, lambda.

Typical workflows

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Supported devices

  • Any device with an EFIT or VMEC equilibria. REGCOIL also supports a simple circular toroidal geometry scheme.


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