Contacts: Orso Meneghini, Sterling Smith, Brian Grierson, Nikolas Logan

Short Description

Tool for plotting experimental data and ensemble analysis


experimental, analysis, plotting, database, MDS+, TOKSEARCH

Long Description

The high level goals are to view, process, and create publication quality figures from your chosen tokamak.

There are three workflows in the OMFIT SCOPE module:

Scope - plot shots and signals

A common need for plasma physicists is to have a pre-defined set of time traces that are loaded and viewed to examine the discharge development for high-level survey or specific experiments. Some programs such as jscope, dwscope, review and reviewplus are commonly used at the various institutions. OMFIT provides an alternative to these tools with a new SCOPE module.

Database - place various signals on common timebase and compare

Often we observe changes in plasma dynamics, confinement and stability and would like to form a database of signal comparisons to quantify those changes. Some examples are the change in confinement with auxiliary heating, the variation of impurity content with ELM frequency, or the magnitude of a tearing mode amplitude as we change the rotation. Also, we may want to extract profile information from an equilibrium reconstruction, or analysis from a transport code such as TRANSP. Typically the physicist would need to write a program to read the data, place the various signals on a common time base, plot and fit the results. The SCOPE module provides a convenient interface with a library of data processing options that allows the user to compare signals on a specified timebase, plotting confinement vs. heating and rotation, or NTM amplitude as a function of qmin, or energy flux vs. local gradient.

The database creator tool can also interface to the SOLPS module to plot parameters drawn from families of related SOLPS runs. To do this, define the SOLPS dependency: root[‘SETTINGS’][‘DEPENDENCIES’][‘SOLPS’] = “location of SOLPS module”.

NOTE: If using TokSearch for Retrieval at DIII-D, you must first get access to the saga server, by sending an email to Brian Sammuli sammuli at; and David Miller millerdc at

PubFig - create publication quality, annotated figures

Creating publication quality figures can be a tedious operation and difficult to generalize, even for common time histories from MDS+, because of colors, annotations, units, fonts, etc… The SCOPE module provides a publication figure GUI for performing this.

Typical workflows

There are three workflows in the OMFIT SCOPE module:


  • Selection from existing list of experimental signals

  • User-defined signals (both as MDS+ tags and MDS+ locations)

  • Manage (load/save/delete) of groups of signals

  • Overplotting signals of multiple shots

  • Overplot of multiple signals

  • Read session-leader logbook entries

  • Setup plot appearance

  • Caching of MDS+ queries for fast re-plots

  • Plot equilibrium evolution in time and slice electron density and temperature profiles


  • Project to view multidimensional data

  • Combine signals into a new derived quantity

  • Fit relationship between quantities

  • Scale a parameter with N-variables using a log-linear scaling relationship such as the H-mode power threshold

Database in SOLPS mode

  • Interface with the SOLPS module

  • Replace shots with labels for SOLPS runs

  • Reproduce all the standard database plots and tasks using results from families of related SOLPS runs instead of from groups of shots


  • Plot signals

  • Adjust visualization stile

  • Manage multiple shots

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