Contacts: Valerian Chen, Quinn Pratt, Shikang Ni

Short Description

Run the SCOTTY 3D beam-tracing code


Beam Tracing, DBS, Synthetic Diagnostics

Long Description

This module generates inputs for, runs, and analyzes the output of the SCOTTY 3D beam-tracing code. SCOTTY is a python code written by V.H. Hall-Chen to be used for synthetic diagnostic development for microwave scattering diagnostics such as Doppler Back-Scattering (DBS).

Typical workflows

This module is used to:

  • generate SCOTTY input ne.dat files from OMFITprofiles outputs.

  • generate SCOTTY input topfiles from OMFITgeqdsk objects.

  • configure and run the SCOTTY code.

  • plot the outputs.

Supported devices



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3115 Quinn Pratt
  50 Valerian Chen
   2 Sterling Smith


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