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Short Description

Run the SEGWAY workflow


Equilibrium, Pedestal, Bootstrap Current, MHD, Predict-First

Long Description

SEGWAY (Self-consistent Equilibrium Generation Workflow and AnaYsis) Couples together EFIT, EPED1-NN, and NEO to self-consistently modify existing kinetic equilibrium reconstructions.

Takes a gEQDSK, aEQDSK, and Osborne pFile as input. User then selects plasma parameters (e.g., betan, q95) and plasma shape (either as scalar parameters or defined boundaries) that is desired for new equilibria. SEGWAY then modifies the old equilibrium to have the new parameters.

Typical workflows

This module is used to:

  • modify existing equilibria

  • create equilibria to be used for predict-first experimental studies

Relevant publications

  • B.C. Lyons et al., PoP (under review)


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