Contacts: David Eldon, David Green

Short Description

Runs the SOLPS code, displays output, and compares runs


Scrape-Off-Layer, B2, IRENE, 2D fluid, kinetic Monte Carlo neutrals

Long Description

This module manages SOLPS runs, including setting up a set of related runs, loading them with required input files, adjusting settings, monitoring progress toward convergence, analyzing output.

Versions supported:
  • SOLPS5.0

  • SOLPS5.1 (may be unstable but should work for plots and post-processing)


Typical workflows

Basic workflow:

  • Create a family of related runs

  • Import files from disk and arrange them in the runs

  • Adjust settings such as boundary conditions

  • Launch run(s)

  • Check output to see if the run is converged

  • Continue running

  • Extract data and plot

  • Classify runs as complete, detached, stable, reasonable, etc.

  • Compare runs & parameter space covered while filtering by classification flags

Plot-only workflow:

  • Load files from an existing run

  • Make customized plots

Run comparison workflow:

  • Load files from existing runs

  • Generate cross-run comparison plots and analysis

  • Can import the SCOPE module and use its database creator tool in a special SOLPS mode to plot relationships between data from different SOLPS runs. To get started, run root[‘SCRIPTS’][‘analysis’][‘set_up_scope_db’] or use the controls in the GUI during the “compare runs” phase.


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12890 David Eldon
 125 David Green
  33 Orso Meneghini
   3 Sterling Smith
   1 Nikolas Logan


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