Contacts: Brian Grierson, Garud Snoep, Orso Meneghini

Short Description

Runs the STRAHL code, displays output, and compares runs


Impurity transport, charged states, radiation, emission, LBO, Laser Blow Off, minimization

Long Description

STRAHL is a code to calculate the radial transport and the emission of impurities in the plasma bulk. The code solves the radial continuity equation for each ionisation stage of the impurity in 1-D geometry. For the transport an ansatz of anomalous diffusivities and radial drift velocities is used; a full neoclassical treatment of impurity transport can be switched on if desired. The model focuses on the impurity transport and radiation, while the parameters of the background plasma are taken from the experiment.

Typical workflows

STRAHL is used either for predicting impurity transport and the evolution of the impurity density, or post-diction and nonlinear least-squares minimization using LMFIT to infer the transport from an experiment that has impurity density or emission measurements.

Supported devices

Device agnostic


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