Contacts: Dmitri Orlov, Michael Hanson

Short Description

Fourier analysis of non-axisymmetric magnetic fields and island width calculations with SURFMN code


3D, vacuum, RMP, magnetics, islands

Long Description

This module allows runs the SURFMN code for Fourier analysis of non-axisymmetric magnetic fields and island width calculations. SURFMN employs realistic coil models and realistic axisymmetric plasma equilibria. It does not calculate a self-consistent, nonaxisymmetric plasma equilibrium in pressure balance. Instead, the coil fields are curl-free, and the equilibrium field remains unchanged and axisymmetric. SURFMN complements magnetic line tracing and Poincare plots and has been verified against them.

Typical workflows

Execution GUI allows: * Fetching of experimental coil setup (DIII-D only) * Setup of active coils * Setting up of toroidal and poloidal harmonics to be analyzed

Postprocessing GUI allows: * Plot coils geometry (IDL) * Plot spectrum (IDL) * Plot island (IDL) * Plot last closed flux surface perturbation (IDL) * Plot of Chirikov profile (IDL)

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