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Short Description

TRANSP utility for extracting a TRANSP run to ASCII text and netCDF



Long Description

TRANSP runs typically contain a large amount of spatially and temporally evolving quantities over the duration of the discharge. Often users want to extract a timeslice (with some +/- averaging window) for performing analysis beyond what is done inside of TRANSP, such as MHD stability or gyrokinetics. TRANSP offers a few means of exporting its data, such as TRXPL for a plasma state, and TIME_SLICES for both ASCII and netCDF output. TIME_SLICES outputs TRANSP information directly without conversions or change of variable names, and is a simpler utility than TRXPL. The data output from TIME_SLICES can be easily read and parsed.

Typical workflows

  1. Run TRANSP for interpretive analysis or predictive simulation (see TRANSP module)

  2. Run TIME_SLICES to extract TRANSP output for selected time

    • Enter shot, time runID and averaging window

    • Execute time_slices utility and view output files in OMFIT tree.

Supported devices

  • Devices that have TRANSP MDSplus output. TRANSP CDF can be supported on request.


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