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Short Description

Trace magnetic field lines with TRIP3DGPU


3D, field-line tracing, topology, EFIT, M3D-C1, TRIP3DGPU

Long Description

TRIP3DGPU is the GPU-enabled version of the TRIP3D three-dimensional magnetic field-line tracing code.

The module guides you through the setup, execution, and post-processing phases of a typical TRIP3DGPU workflow.

Typical workflows

At present, the code can run simulations based on equilibria from either:

  • EFIT, the classic two-dimensional equilibrium solver, or

  • M3D-C1, a three-dimensional one- or two-fluid equilibrium solver.

Typical outputs from the code include:

  • lines.out, for Poincare’ plotting,

  • hit.out, for footprint plotting.

Supported servers

The code is currently compiled on the DIII-D clusters:

  • iris, for DoE-funded work, and

  • saturn, for GA-IR&D-funded work.

Available GUIs

Simplified GUIs include:

  • device selection,

  • equilibrium solution,

  • coil modeling,

  • current computation,

  • parameter tweaking,

  • batch submission,

  • multi submission,

  • post-processing.

Relevant publications

  • R.C. Kalling, T.E. Evans, D.M. Orlov, D.P. Schissel, Rajesh Maingi, J.E. Menard, S.A. Sabbagh, “Accelerating the Numerical Simulation of Magnetic Field Lines in Tokamaks Using the GPU”, Fusion Eng. Des. 86 (2011) 399-406 (8pp) @

  • T.E. Evans, R.A. Moyer and P. Monat, “Modeling of stochastic magnetic flux loss from the edge of a poloidally diverted tokamak”, Phys. Plasmas 9 (2002) 4957 @


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