Contacts: Brian Grierson

Short Description

Collection of scripts illustrating common operations in OMFIT


Sample, Documentation, Tutorial, Python

Long Description

TUTORIAL is a module that provides a series of simple self-contained python scripts that provides new and experienced users with a cookbook and code snippetes that can be easily included in existing and emerging workflows. These range from simple pure-Python questions (for example involving operations on arrays with numpy, and plotting in matplotlib), to OMFIT-specific questions involving the framework API, classes and modules.

Typical workflows

The source code of these tutorials is available both: * within OMFIT by importing the TUTORIAL module (File > Import modules > TUTORIAL) just like other physics modules * online.

Supported devices

  • Device independent



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3453 Brian Grierson
 726 David Eldon
 493 Orso Meneghini
 393 Nikolas Logan
 392 Fusion Bot
 291 Sterling Smith
 224 David Orozco
  28 Pablo Rodriguez


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