Contacts: Shaun Haskey

Short Description

Run the XGC0 code



Long Description

This module prepares the input, runs, and postprocesses the output of the XGC0 code. Typically the code requires many restarts and modifications to the anomalous transport settings when it is used in interpretive mode.

Typical workflows

This module is used to perform interpretive transport calculations

Relevant publications

    1. Battaglia et al., Kinetic neoclassical transport in the H-mode pedestal, PoP 2014

    1. Battaglia et al., Improved kinetic neoclassical transport calculation for a low-collisionality QH-mode pedestal, PoP 2016


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2239 Shaun Haskey
 118 Brian Grierson
  95 Orso Meneghini
  80 Fusion Bot
   1 Nikolas Logan


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