Contacts: Orso Meneghini, Sterling Smith

Short Description

Local/remote execution of IDL script ZIPFITprofiles for experimental profile fitting


Profile fitting

Long Description

This module calls the same IDL routines as are called between shot to do between shot ZIPFIT profile fitting, including uploading the data to MDS+.

Supports fitting of ne, nimp, Te, Ti, wt, prad, Zeff. The Te fitting includes folding in the ne fitted profile to calculated ECE channel cutoffs.

Support fetching data from MDS+.

Typical workflows

This module is used to:

  • fit profiles on an equilibrium generated in OMFIT, then use those profiles in a power balance calculation, whose results might be used to constrain an equilibrium reconstruction.

  • fetch profiles from MDS+ mapped to an already generated equilibrium (outside OMFIT)


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518 Orso Meneghini
235 Sterling Smith
152 Fusion Bot
 29 Zhixuan Wang
 16 Nikolas Logan
  4 David Eldon
  1 Torrin Bechtel
  1 Tom Benedett


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