Contacts: Nikolas Logan, Stefano Munaretto

Short Description

Visualization and mode analysis for 3D magnetics and 3D coils


Magnetics, Tearing Modes, 3D fields, error field correction

Long Description

This module can be used to fit toroidal and poloidal basis functions. The fits use an least-squares SVD solution, allowing a condition number threshold to limit mode inclusion sensitivities. The design matrix of this fit can use basis functions that take into account the finite toroidal and poloidal extent of the magnetic sensors or fit center points (as is standard practice for prescribing 3D coil currents). Basis functions can also include a temporal element omega*t, where omega can be prescribed or taken from an existing fit (i.e. a coil array rotation).

Raw data can be windowed, de-trended, and band-pass filtered. Noise is removed using a conditioning of the channel-by-time data matrix, which removes the incoherent (noise) component of the signal.

The module includes a number of visualizations helpful for describing and understanding the diagnostic set. It also includes a number of 1D and 2D visualizations of the data and modal fits.

Typical workflows

This module is used to:

  • Fetch raw magnetics and diagnostic data in human readable groupings (i.e. arrays)

  • Prepare raw data by removing drifts, smoothing, isolating frequencies of interest, compensating vacuum pickup, etc.

  • Fit 3D magnetics and/or coil currents to modal basis functions

  • Plot the sensor geometries, raw and prepared signals, and fits

Relevant publications

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