Contacts: Mark Adams, Orso Meneghini

Short Description

Run the pyUEDGE code


SOL, fluid, neutral

Long Description

UEDGE is an interactive suite of physics packages using the Python or BASIS scripting systems. The original (circa 2007) Python version was further developed under the FACETS SciDAC project [Cary 2008, McCourt 2012]. The plasma is described by time-dependent 2D plasma fluid equations that include equations for density, velocity, ion temperature, electron temperature, electrostatic potential, and gas density in the edge region of a magnetic fusion energy confinement device. slab, cylindrical, and toroidal geometries are allowed, and closed and open magnetic field-line regions are included. Classical transport is assumed along magnetic field lines, and anomalous transport is assumed across field lines. Multi-charge state impurities can be included with the corresponding line-radiation energy loss.

A fully implicit numerical algorithm is used that allows both Newton-like iterations to steady state and time-dependent solutions with large time-steps. A preconditioning matrix is obtained by approximate (ILUT) inversion of a numerical finite-difference Jacobian, which is then used in a Newton-Krylov solution algorithm. A finite-volume differencing algorithm is used. Over 95% of the coding is in Fortran with the remainder being C.

Typical workflows

  • Automatically convert old BASIS UEDGE input files to pyUEDGE format

  • Load input files

  • Run UEDGE

  • Plot results

Supported devices

  • Device independent

Relevant publications

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Technical info

To compile on OSX with macports:

pip install forthon mppl
git clone
git checkout omfit_pyuedge_compiles
python build
python install


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