Contacts: Quinn Pratt, Stephen Storment

Short Description

Multi-Channel Doppler Back-Scattering (DBS) diagnostic analysis


DBS, Flow Velocity, Turbulence

Long Description

The OMFIT - DBS module has been developed as an integrated approach to visualizing and analyzing data from the DIII-D Multi-Channel Doppler Back-Scattering (DBS) diagnostic. Data from both V-band systems (one at the 60-deg port, another at the 240-port) and the W-band system at the 240-port can be used in analysis. Analysis over ranges of times is a primary feature of this module. DBS quadrature spectrum fitting is used for Doppler shift calculation. Ray tracing (GENRAY) is used to calculate scattering parameters. DBS outputs include: scattering wavenumbers, turbulent flow velocity, radial electric field, omega_E, turbulent dimensionless parameter k-theta * rho-s.

Typical workflows

  • Fetch raw DBS data

  • DBS spectrum analysis and visualization

  • Doppler shift calculation from the DBS quadrature spectrum

  • GENRAY setup with EFIT and Profiles

  • Run GENRAY with DBS parameters

  • Calculate derived quantities and plot

Supported devices

  • DIII-D

  • MAST


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