Contacts: Nikolas Logan, Sterling Smith

Short Description

Generalized Perturbed Equilibrium Code: MHD stability, plasma response, and torque from 3D fields


DCON, RDCON, STRIDE, PENTRC, MHD, Stability, plasma response, resonant coupling, NTV torque

Long Description

This module interfaces with a suite of non-axisymmetric stability and perturbed equilibrium codes including DCON/RDCON/STRIDE (stability), GPEC (driven plasma response), and PENTRC (NTV torque). The primary purpose of this package is to calculate the non-axisymmetric force balance in tokamak plasmas, and this module provides a streamlined interface for collecting the necessary inputs, performing calculations, and visualizing the outputs.

It provides a streamlined interface for the critical input parameters, with logical linking to supporting/dependent parameters. The GUI provides a streamlined interface with the OMFIT kinetic EFIT and profiles modules to gather the requisite 2D equilibrium input. It also provides a simple GUI for setting the coil currents based on mode number amplitude and phase or directly from experiments (although this feature is not supported on all machines). Run submission is as easy as pressing a button, and there is a built in utility for running parameter scans in addition to time series scans (which are intrinsic).

Finally, standard visualization provide a quick and informative overview of the results as well as in depth analysis options. These options include post-processing for coil amplitude and phasing optimization based on resonant coupling or NTV profile metrics. They also include 3D visualizations of the perturbed equilibrium quantities and quick investigation of the fundamental plasma property eigenmodes and eigenvectors.

Typical workflows

This module is used to:

  • Set inputs for the many namelists used to control the fortran executables

  • Interface with OMFIT or external EFIT and profile sources

  • Apply spatio temporal, functional coil currents

  • Run the package fortran executables (in SLURM or not), scanning time and optionally additional parameters

  • Visualize the output with pre-packaged plotting and post-processing

Supported devices


Relevant publications

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  • J.-K. Park, A.H. Boozer, J.E. Menard, A.M. Garofalo, M.J. Schaffer, R.J. Hawryluk, S.M. Kaye, S.P. Gerhardt, S.A. Sabbagh, and NSTX Team, Physics of Plasmas 16, 56115 (2009).

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External resources

Official webpage

Note that the DCON code was developed by Allen Glasser at Los Alamos National Laboratory, while STRIDE, GPEC and PENTRC were developed and are maintained by the GPEC team at the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory.


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