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Short Description

Gather, map, fit, and plot IRTV heat flux results


IRTV, heat flux, Eich fit

Long Description

This module is intended to function as a sub-module of the Boundary Toolbox and not by itself.

IRTV stands for infrared television. There are a few IRTV cameras in DIII-D. The favorite one of this module is the lower 60 degree camera, which images the lower divertor.

The heat flux analysis toolbox is here to help you gather IRTV data, perform simple analysis tasks, and make some plots. Analysis takes place automatically when first plot is ordered. Please use help tooltips in the main GUI for further instruction.

In addition to data gathering and basic operations, this module also performs fits of IRTV profiles with Eich’s function (Eich 2011). These fits can be used in strike point identification. A broader strike point finding workflow is managed by the parent Boundary_Toolbox module, which links into heat flux profile fitting tools here.

Typical workflows

This module is used to:

  • ELM filtering

  • Average over time window (+/- X ms)

  • Map to psi

  • Average heat flux over some position ranges and plot vs. time

  • 2D plot vs. space and time

  • Eich fit to HF data


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