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Short Description

A collection of modules and tools for analyzing boundary physics


Boundary, divertor, BPMIC, detachment, heat flux, edge, SOL

Long Description

The boundary toolbox is a collection boundary physics analysis tools for various topics. The module’s default GUI provides links to control panels for specific topics, such as heat flux analysis.

Typical workflows

The top level module is used to:

  • Set high level settings for the specific analysis tools in its child modules or scripts

  • Link specialized topical analyses together, including generating comparison plots overlaying output from different tools

Available tools are listed below, some of which are provided by sub-modules. More detailed information is available in the documentation for individual sub-modules.

  • Heat Flux Analysis (submodule): Gather, map, and fit IRTV heat flux results

  • Snowflake Analyzer (submodule): Plot detailed divertor magnetic topology with snowflake control information overlaid

  • Detachment Control Studies (submodule): A collection of scripts and plots for studying the performance of and results from detachment control experiments

  • Thomson Plots (submodule): A collection of specialized plots of Thomson scattering data

  • Detachment Indicator (submodule): A tool for examining common detachment indicators as a function of a changing variable (eg density)

  • Strike point analysis: Tool for finding and comparing strike point positions using different methods and analyzing strike point control performance

  • Power balance: Tools for calculating loss power across separatrix, power threshold from scaling laws, etc.

Supported devices

Fully supported:

  • DIII-D

Partially supported:


Relevant publications

See submodule publication lists.


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