Contacts: David Elder, Sterling Smith

Short Description

Run the OEDGE SOL analysis code


SOL, analysis, onion skin, EIRENE, DIVIMP

Long Description

OEDGE (Onion-Skin Modeling + EIRENE + DIVIMP for edge analysis). EIRENE is a neutral hydrogen Monte Carlo code. DIVIMP is an impurity neutral and ion Monte Carlo code. The Monte Carlo codes require a plasma background into which to launch particles. The Onion-Skin Modeling (OSM), can provide such a background by solving the 1D, along-B, plasma (fluid) conservation equations using across-B boundary conditions from experiment (e.g. Isat + and Te across divertor targets from Langmuir probes), to produce a 2D solution for the edge plasma (toroidal symmetry assumed). The neutral hydrogen-related and impurity-related terms in the OSMs conservation equations can be provided by the Monte Carlo codes. The perpendicular heat and particle diffusion are notrequired as input in OSM, but instead can be extracted from OSM analysis.

Typical workflows

This module is used to:

  • Setup OEDGE simulation from experimental data

  • Run OEDGE

  • Plot OEDGE results and compare to experiments (Langmuir probes)


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