Contacts: Joseph McClenaghan, Tim Slendebroek, Tim Slendebroek

Short Description

This module generates core profiles based on a starting gEQDSK or 0D parameters


profiles, 0D, modify-equilibrium

Long Description

This modules constructs H or L-mode profiles by iterating over an equilibrium code (EFIT or CHEASE) starting from a gEQDSK (EFIT) or 0D parameter list (CHEASE).

Starting from gEQDSK (EFIT or CHEASE): Uses equilibrium shape from the gEQDSK, where the gEQDSK can be modified.

Starting from 0D parameters (CHEASE): Sets up the equilibrium boundary with miller geometry and runs CHEASE.

Typical workflows

This module is used to:

  • Start with a gEQDSK or 0D parameters

  • Generate initial profiles L-mode or H-mode

  • Modify gEQDSK boundary if desired

  • Generate heating and current drive profiles with CHEF

  • Returns ods with core_profiles, equilibirum and core_souces (optional)


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