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Short Description

Efficient computation of NBI fast-ion distribution


NBI, fast-ion , experiment

Long Description

This OMFIT module runs the RABBIT code from a specified DIII-D shot. Inputs can either be automatically gathered from zipfit and MDS+, or manually assembeled from related modules.

RABBIT is capable of computing the NBI fast-ion distribution in real-time. It uses a simplified beam geometry to calculate the beam attenuation. Finite-orbit-width effects are taken into account by an orbit average of the beam deposition. The time-dependent solution of the Fokker-Planck equation (2D in velocity) is then calculated based on analytic expressions. This code currently takes about 25ms per time step, which is roughly a factor of 1000 faster than the more sophisticated NUBEAM code. Nevertheless, good agreement between both codes is found in a comprehensive benchmark.

Please cite the publications below if using RABBIT in your workflow. Your recognition of the work that went into this is much appreciated.

Typical workflows

  • Generation of beam output files from zipfit equilibira using RABBIT


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