Contacts: David Eldon

Short Description

Analyze snowflake control performance and effects


Snowflake, control, divertor, SFD

Long Description

This module is intended to function as a sub-module of the Boundary Toolbox and not by itself.

This module exists to make plots of divertor topologies with overlays to show snowflake control information. It is useful for making figures related to snowflakes or for debugging/understanding the control system. Probably not helpful for shots that aren’t snowflakes.

The central part of this module is “Plot divertor magnetic topology with SFD overlays”. There are also some other plots and scripts for doing secondary tasks like comparing snowflake setups between shots.

Typical workflows

This module is used to:

  • Check how snowflake control was set up

  • Make nice plots of snowflake divertors with convenient overlays


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