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Short Description

A set of scripts and plots for studying the result of detachment control experiments


Divertor, detachment, control

Long Description

This module is intended to function as a sub-module of the Boundary Toolbox and not by itself. It contains a set of scripts and plots for studying the result of detachment control experiments. Some of them are connected to the module’s default GUI, but overall they aren’t particularly well unified yet. You will want to run SCRIPTS/setup_shot_info and then SCRIPTS/filter_TS_data first, then look through the plots to find one you like. Hopefully the plot names and opening help text are descriptive enough.

This module may be more helpful when it is more complete.

As an example, the case used in D. Eldon, et al. Nucl. Fusion 2017, may be reproduced with the following settings:

shot = 161558
shots = [161558, 161559, 161560, 161561, 166828, 166830, 166831, 166832,
166833, 166034]
times = [2500, 5000]
time = 3500

Typical workflows

This module is used to:

  • Evaluate the performance of the detachment control system

  • Measure the bounds of the T_e cliff and the density at which it occurs

  • Investigate other related detachment physics effects or quantities

  • Do some limited analysis of SAS strike point control (top level boundary toolbox has more)

  • Do some limited radiated power control analysis


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