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Consistent Automatic Kinetic Equilibria


EFIT, kinetic EFIT, CAKE, automatic

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Kolemen Group Automatic & Real Time Kinetic EFIT Project CAKE (Consistent Automatic Kinetic Equilibria) module for OMFIT

The CAKE module is part of the Kolemen Group’s project to ultimately create an algorithm to perform kinetic equilibrium reconstruction in real time. This module serves as a test bed for developing the logic that will convert diagnostic data into constraints that can be placed in the EFIT k-files.

To get started, open the CAKE GUI by double clicking on CAKE. Select the shot and times you are interested in and then press GO. Because the goal of this project is to produce fully automatic data processing and EFITting, it SHOULD just work. But because this project is not fully developed, it might not. So, a developer interface is provided where settings may be changed to attempt to get a better result.

If this software is used in your research, please give appropriate attribution/ acknowledgement/reference to E. Kolemen, D. Eldon, M. A. Roelofs, and W. J. Eggert.

This work is supported by the U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Fusion Energy Sciences, using the DIII-D National Fusion Facility, a DOE Office of Science user facility, under Award No. DE-FOA-0001386.

Relevant publications

Refences directly about this project:

      1. Xing, D. Eldon, E. Kolemen, et al., “CAKE: Consistent Automatic Kinetic Equilibrium reconstruction”, manuscript under review at Fusion Engineering and Design

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Contributors to the Kolemen Group Automatic Kinetic Equilibrium Reconstruction Project:

updated 2019-10-07 * Egemen Kolemen - Princeton University - Principal Investigator -

high level planning, project management, personnel and resource allocation, instigation of implementation of real time Thomson scattering and CER analysis, initial implementation of real time Thomson profile fitting

  • Zichuan (Anthony) Xing - General Atomics (formerly Princeton University) - Lead developer -

    GS optimization, knot optimization, tuning and performance improvements for edge cases, profile fit adjustments for edge cases, GS reconvergence, debugging, tuneing for MSE fits, final polish

  • David Eldon - General Atomics (formerly Princeton University) - Developer (formerly lead) -

    high level planning, low level planning, initial coding of core logic, initial implementation of many extended features, rigorous testing of core logic, testing of many extended features, diagnostic expert for Thomson scattering, supplied kinetic EFITs produced by other workflows, management and tracking of issues, code organization, interfacing with ONETWO, neoclassical calculations, expanded base equilibrium data gathering and processing,

  • Oak Nelson - Princeton University - Developer -

    contributed utilities including P-file writer and integration of CAKE with advanced EFITtime options, helped with testing

  • Bill Eggert - Princeton University - Developer (former) -

    contributed to core logic, initial research on fast ion estimation feature, initial implementation/prototyping of fast ion approximation tool, testing of core logic, testing of fast ion feature

  • Matthijs Roelofs - Eindhoven University of Technology / Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory - Developer (former) -

    improved automatic filterscope picker, set up automatic selection of baseline EFIT, worked on expanding CER channel selection, on extra features including Er, DCON/GPEC interfacing, and uncertainty quantification, help with testing,

  • Olivier Izacard - Developer (former) -

    contributed ideas about ion profile fitting and GS reconvergence

  • Orso Meneghini - General Atomics - contributor -

    created and provided support for the OMFIT framework, some of Orso’s scripts inspired logic in CAKE, CAKE uses some functions in the framework that were written by Orso

  • Sterling Smith - General Atomics - contributor -

    major contributor to OMFIT and supporter of OMFIT, ONETWO developer and creator of OMFIT ONETWO module, supported using ONETWO, extensive help with code review, helped check neoclassical calculations & understand ONETWO output

  • Brian Grierson - Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory - consultant & data contributor -

    fast ion physics consultation, TRANSP support, provided benchmarking kinetic EFIT from OMFITprofiles workflow, provided equations for estimating fast ion properties with simplified (fast) physics model. Some of Brian’s plot formatting scripts were used as references which inspired improvements in CAKE.

  • Nikolas Logan - Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory - contributor -

    provided (pending testing) GPEC module for running DCON within OMFIT, advice on strategy

  • Alexander Glasser - Princeton University - contributor -

    real time DCON project manager; RT DCON will be a high visibility/high priority application of RT kinetic EFITs; provided some preliminary rt DCON results as example applications

  • Shaun Haskey - Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory - contributor -

    consultation on fast ion physics and calculations, provided code for fast ion calculations, consulted on treatment of CER data

  • Lang Lao - General Atomics - contributor -

    created EFIT, gave advice on using EFIT including re-convergence workflow and tuning improvements

  • Qiming Hu - Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory - user - help with testing

  • Steven Sabbagh - Columbia University - consultant - high level planning and strategy

  • Jeremy Hanson - Columbia University - data contributor - provided benchmark kinetic EFITs made w/ GA profiles workflow

  • Raffi Nazikian - Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory - consultant - general kinetic EFIT ideas

  • Mike Van Zeeland - General Atomics - consultant - fast ion physics and calculation consultation

  • Bill Heidbrink - University of California, Irvine - consultant - fast ion physics and calculation consultation

  • Gerrit Kramer - Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory - consultant - fast ion physics and calculation consultation

  • Dave Kaplan - General Atomics - contributor - real time CER consultation, (future: will code real time CER stuff)

  • Richard Groebner - General Atomics - contributor -

    ported CER analysis to real time, consultation on general kinetic EFIT strategy

  • Colin Chrystal - General Atomics - contributor -

    consulted on CER data analysis, including correction of density when using de-rated neutral beam sources

  • Caizhen Liu - General Atomics - contributor - basic real time Thomson analysis (Te ne)

  • Tom Osborne - General Atomics - consultant - provided memo on bootstrap current calculations

  • Keith Burrell - General Atomics - consultant - real time CER implementation consultation, CER group leader

  • DIII-D computer group - PCS consultations, support, development

  • DIII-D Thomson scattering diagnostic group - Thomson data (incl. real time)

  • DIII-D Motional Stark Effect diagnostic group - MSE data (incl. real time)

  • DIII-D Charge Exchange Recombination spectroscopy diagnostic group - CER data (incl. real time)

  • Ted Strait - General Atomics - diagnostic provider - magnetic probe data (essential for EFIT) (incl. real time)

  • Kathreen Thome - Oak Ridge Associated Universities - data contributor - provided TRANSP runs for analysis

  • John Ferron - General Atomics - contributor - real time EFIT

  • Holger St. John - General Atomics - ONETWO developer


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25046 David Eldon
 5666 Z. Anthony Xing
  818 Oak Nelson
  800 Matthijs Roelofs
  449 Fusion Bot
  128 Torrin Bechtel
   53 Olivier Izacard
   24 Severin Denk
   19 Orso Meneghini
    9 Sterling Smith
    5 Will DeShazer
    4 Qiming Hu
    2 Tomas Odstrcil
    2 Laurie Stephey
    1 Nikolas Logan
    1 Mitchell Clark


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